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King Kendall

Motivational School Assembly Speaker

International Recording Artist





King Kendall

“I sing about what I believe in.”

Many knew him as K.D. Johnson, millions saw him as King Kendall the R&B heartthrob but the world has yet to see King Kendall the man after Gods own heart.

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Developing young leaders by delivering relatable presentations.

”His ability to communicate with young people is like something I have never seen. The way he uses music, his voice, his life’s analogies and the way the young people connect with him make him one of the best motivational speakers in the business!”

Director- Mike Hernandez, California school District


King Kendall’s Newest Release

Talented people are easy to find! Lets be honest, It’s to find someone with character and integrity! Someone who will do the right thing even when no one is looking! In this book you will unlock key tools in understanding how your character must keep you where your gifts and talents take you! You don’t want to be the person with good potential but no follow through! Maybe you are dealing with hurt and pain from your past without realizing it is preventing you from becoming the best you that you can possibly be!

Allow me to share how I myself have overcome many of life’s most heartbreaking experiences! And how I have made a vow in the midst of temptation on every hand that my character will keep me where my gifts and talents take me!