Kendall Emmanuel Leo Johnson, Known as King Kendall (Formerly known as K.D. Johnson) was born on February 21st, 1986 in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

He Began playing drums at the age of 2 years old! His parents had to purchase him a real drum set at the age of 4!

Music became Kendall’s first love!

"When Kendall was in my womb, He never moved or kicked until we went to church! My husband was a minister and we sat by the praise band! As soon as the praise band would begin to play, Kendall would begin kicking! As soon as the music stopped, Kendall stopped!”

-Della Johnson, King Kendall’s Mother.


Trained for this moment…

Kendall’s father Ken never met his biological father! Ken decided to raise his son under biblical leadership principles. Ken was a blue chip all-american football player for Tulsa University. Was Drafted to the NFL yet a career ending knee injury put an end to his NFL career! Ken says “He had to get a real job”! After Leaving the army Ken became a Tulsa Police officer! Ken got tired of being re-active and wanted to transition into becoming Pro-Active! So he began a ministry called “Helping Hands” which gave back to less fortunate communities similar to how Ken grew up!

“Kendall often tells me about his childhood upbringing! He talks about giving to needy families as a child, even going into his closet to give all of his clothes away because his parents took him to a house with a kid his age (11) who had no clothes and was sleeping on the floor! Kendall’s mom caught him packing his clothes in black bags and told him ‘No Baby! We are going to get clothes!’ Its safe to say my husband was raised to be a giver! He’s still a giver today!”

-Natural Jasmine, King Kendall’s Wife.

In 2007, Ken & his son King Kendall (Known as K.D. Johnson back then) where the most sought after youth speakers in the country!
— Here's a clip when King Kendall was 18!

15 years, over 300 cities!

King Kendall is one of today’s most relatable, energetic and experienced speakers of this generation!


Over 6.2 million music video views

Hitting the scene strong in 2015 by posting cover songs of just his voice! King Kendall caught the attention of many fans across the world who fell in love with his voice while getting to know his heart!

“Making the switch from K.D. Johnson to King Kendall was a very personal decision. All of my music starting out as King Kendall was during my hurt and pain from life handing me situations I didn’t desire. I was successful on the outside, but empty on the inside.”


Coming back to himself!

He may have a new name! It makes all the more sense seeing as his mind is also renewed! In his book ‘Can Your Character Keep You” He unleashes not only his story, but also the keys to keeping your rewards from your hard work! And not losing sight of who you were created to be!

King Kendall is currently on tour pushing the message of CHARACTER! He is challenging all young people by asking them can their character keep them where their gifts and talents take them?

Book King Kendall to make an impact in your community today!


Just Married!

King Kendall Married his soul mate (@TheNaturalJasmine on instagram) on his birthday Feb 21st, 2019!

Together they are Youth Directors for a well established church in Oklahoma City! On top of this, they have a relationship show launching in the fall of 2019! Not to mention King Kendall’s busy national tour schedule!



-School Assemblies


-Youth Groups

-Church Congregations



-Sports Teams

-And More!